All our solutions have the user in the first mind. By focus on user-friendly solutions, we can increase positive mindset for improvements and reduce training and implementation cost.

Mobile first

Our product is device independent. It will run on all modern browsers and will feel like a native application.

Shared data model

Your data will be shared across all applications. Preventing data duplication and enables you to manage your data in a central place.


The build in synchronisation is able to filter data on business needs. This allows us to be able to reliably sync over satellite and have a very small footprint.

Works with your Workflows

The application lets you create templates based on your workflows. No need to change your way of work.

API Integration

Our product provides a variety of API integrations to make interactions with other systems as easy as possible.

Remote Environments

We provide a standalone server setup to enable your to run the solution in any location. The application does not require an active internet connection.

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